Bedfordshire Captains Golf Society Captains


 Captain 2020
 Mike Davies
Captain Bedlow Manor 2004
Club -South Beds Golf Club

1972 R.P. Brumbridge Esq South Beds GC 1998 1995 R. Fossey Esq Dunstable Downs GC
1973 Dr. J.D. Robson Esq Aspley Guise GC 1999 D. Thompson Esq Stockwood Park GC
1974 F. Wood Esq Leighton Buzzard GC 2000 1996 E. Wallingford Esq Leighton Buzzard GC
1975 V.R. Hill Esq Aspley Guise GC 2001 J. Salter Esq Bedfordshire GC
1976 W.H. Seamans Esq Dunstable Downs GC 2002 D. Underwood Esq Mowsbury GC
1977 J.W.G. Lambourne Esq Beds & County GC 2003 R. Dempster Esq John O'Gaunt GC
1978 W.B. Saunders Esq Bedfordshire GC 2004 T. Andrew Esq Bedfordshire GC
1979 N. Sparrow Esq Beds & County GC 2005 P. Samsa Esq Dunstable Downs GC
1980 R.H. Wilkinson Esq South Beds GC 2006 J.W. Ellwood Esq Bedford & County
1981 C. Rose Esq John O'Gaunt GC 2007 B. Valentine Esq Leighton Buzzard GC
1982 A.E. Frost Esq Aspley Guise GC 2008 T. Widmer Esq Aspley Guise GC
1983 A. Watkins Esq Bedfordshire GC 2009 D. Wall Esq South Beds GC
1984 S.J. Farrow Esq Dunstable Downs GC Golf Club 2010 D. Watchorn Bedford & County GC
1985 W. Pearson Esq Beds & County GC 2011 D. Whitehouse Esq Dunstable Downs GC
1986 G.P. Humphrey Esq South Beds GC 2012 S. Kimber Esq John O'Gaunt GC
1987 A.C. Lane Esq John O'Gaunt GC 2013 D. Oliver Esq Caddington GC
1988 R.C. Clarke Esq Stockwood Park GC 2014 B. Roberts Esq Bedford & County GC
1989 D. Tipton Esq Bedford & County GC 2015 S. Pniewski Esq Leighton Buzzard GC
1990 C. Twigden Esq Bedfordshire GC 2016 P Forrow Esq John O'Gaunt GC
1991 D. Alderton Esq Aspley Guise GC 2017 M. Firth Esq Aspley Guise GC
1992 R.Jackson Esq Dunstable Downs GC 2018 B. Page Esq Henlow GC
1993 K. Camp Esq Leighton Buzzard GC 2019 C. Foster Esq Pavenham Park GC
1994 P. Browning Esq South Beds GC 2020 M. Davies Esq Bedlow Manor G C
1995 T. Hazell Esq John O'Gaunt GC
1996 A. Davies Esq Bedfordshire GC
1997 T.R. Marshall Esq Beds & County GC

Bedfordshire Captains Golf Society Presidents

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President 2019 - 2021

Alvan Davies
Bedfordshire Golf Club

Beds Captains Logo copy
2013 - 2015 Robert Jackson Dunstable Downs Golf Club
2016 - 2018 David Thompson Stockwood Park Golf Club

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