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From Captains Chair

 Captain 2020

Mike Davies

Captain at Bedlow Manor now at South Beds G C


Well my friends, I am seven days into my Captaincy of our great Society and after a prompt from John Hill I feel I should extend my thanks to all of our members who have shown great support and encouragement during my Vice Captains year and at the AGM.


I wish to thank Chris Foster for his invitation to become his Vice Captain and to Barry Page whom I believe was instrumental in his decision. I was very pleased to be able to propose David Hawkins as my Vice, which happily he accepted.


I mentioned in my acceptance speech that I was Captain of Beadlow Manor Golf and Country Club in 2004. Sadly at this time due to a dispute between The Society and the owner of Beadlow Manor, past captains of Beadlow were ineligible for membership of The Society. It became my quest to try to achieve a change and so I lobbied a number of society members to try to achieve that goal. That course of action probably achieved nothing but gladly The Society members decided at a later date to lift the ban and so enabled me to not only realise my ambition but also beyond my wildest aspirations to be able to write to you as your Captain. My golf is now played being a member at South Beds Golf Club.


I will undertake to maintain the very high standards set by my predecessors not least Chris Foster who will be a very hard act to follow. We have a full schedule of exciting matches to play next year and I look forward to playing with many of you. In the meantime take care, enjoy your golf and good company.


Mike Davies

Captain BCGS